Land of Dis


Praise for Distopia\n\n“Best thing I've read in a long time.” – T. Holland\n\n“A book that equals some of Pratchett’s work in the vein of aburdist fantasy, the author tackles politics, religion, economics, corruption, heroism, myth and reality, sacrifice and fanaticism in a way that’s both fun and fast paced, and completely logical.” – Robert D.\n\n“If you like Terry Pratchet, you'll love this book. A perfect mixture of comedy, fantasy and suspense.” – Andrew B.\n\nHere Be Dragons...\n\nA fearsome dragon roams the Land of Dis, and only one man can stop it: an awkward young missionary named Wyngalf.\n\nAccompanied by a beautiful stowaway named Evena and an oddball goblin who has been shunned by his clan, Wyngalf wants nothing more than to prove himself to his superiors. Unfortunately, his proselytizing has hit a snag: his would-be converts are too busy being terrorized by a dragon to worry about spiritual concerns. Wyngalf realizes that in order to prove his faith, he must summon the courage and resourcefulness to defeat the dragon. But getting rid of a dragon is more complicated than it seems….\n\nAt turns riveting, hilarious and sweet, Distopia is perfect for fans of Terry Pratchett and The Princess Bride.\n\nHop aboard. The Land of Dis awaits you!